The Essence of Wellbeing

Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting today. I'm a nutritionist with a master of science degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine (which means I like eating good food and reading loads of nutritional science and research). I'm also an emotional freedom coach, and teach people to tap away their fears and anxieties (yes, we literally tap on acupressure meridian points to reduce our negative response to stressful situations).

Here you'll find more about my practice and my journey so far. Because of my story, I'm here for you.

Well wishes,
Aparna Natarajan, MS


Why does a software engineer with a degree in Computer Science jump ship to become a nutritionist? We’ll have to do a bit of a flashback to a time when I was ten, and growing up in India.

Plump, BUT not so rosy

It wasn’t easy being a fat kid carrying around an extra baggage of 15kg (30 lb), but even worse was not knowing what to do about it. Lots of solutions were proposed: eat less (I wasn’t eating a lot), exercise more (I didn’t know how). Some said that the fat would roll off as I grew older. It didn’t. Instead, I developed a severe form of vertigo in my teens, sending all my hopes into a whirlwind spin. Little did I know that this would be the beginning of a long, intense journey to return to my essence.

Finding firm ground:  Yoga and Breathing

Perhaps due to chance, or as an answer to my prayers, I met an integrative MD (my first Functional Medicine doctor) in the early 90s who taught me specific yoga moves and breathing techniques to help me with my vertigo. Within 6 weeks, my problem of 3+ years was gone (yes, gone). The yoga practice gave me a clear sense of self and a confidence to take on challenges. The exercises fostered my intuition and helped me create my first nourishing diet + walking exercises. The fat began to roll off. And to this day, these remain my baseline eating and exercise plan.  One of my deepest life lessons is that when you create a goal with clarity rather than confusion or fear, you can own it for a lifetime.

More troubles and COURSE CORRECTIONS

I thought eating well + exercising regularly was the way to wellness, and that may very well be true in the beginning. But as I juggled work, children, relationships, career, and finances, the balls began to drop one-by-one. Hormones went on a roller-coaster ride + merciless cystic acne scarred the face. Reflections in the mirror turned ugly+ horrible symptoms wrenched the gut (I would learn later that stress = IBS). At the same time, I was working on holistic solutions for host of different issues that my loved ones were facing: asthma, insulin resistance, eczema, severe fatigue, sluggish thyroid. As varied as these were, the common thread that brought them together was the just this : FOOD. Every bite we take is completely within our control (trust me, it's one of our super-powers).

The muddy waters began to clear with the realization that my family’s health depended on mine, and that my health depended on a deeper understanding of the body and mind.


I stumbled upon an easy to learn self-help method to release the tension of stressful pasts and anxious futures. I dove head first in to Emotional Freedom Technique(aka Tapping) following the work of Gary Craig ( With time, I developed my own style of tapping.  A universal truth emerged as I listened to people's stories and the gifts that they brought with them. It was this... People thrive on different things – their work, art, movement, food, creative thinking, scientific reasoning, or some combination of these, but everyone shines when they are truly heard and appreciated for who they are.

With practice, I (slowly) let go of limiting beliefs and found solutions hiding in plain sight. My health, and the health of those around me began to improve. Well-being evolves as we work towards a balanced plate, seasonal eating, consistent exercise, restful sleep, and joy in our work & relationships. And how does this all come together? Find support, give support, don't worry alone. Therein lies the ordinary magic which brings us the health we seek.

So here I am. My challenges lead me to a graduate education in nutrition and my passion to spread wellness around me helped me create RasaLife. 

These mountains you are carrying, you were only meant to climb.
— adapted from Najwa Zebian

About RasaLife Nutrition

Combining the science of nutrition and the art of compassionate coaching, I work with you to put the pieces of the puzzle back together. We play detective, we check the microbiome (fancy word for bugs) in your gut, we tell stories, we get to the root. 


Here’s how:

  1. Listening to your story to get the whole picture (if you have a skin problem, I might ask if you took a lot of antibiotics when you were a child)

  2. Finding your food sensitivities or environmental triggers (some lab tests are pretty cool; that's how I found peas were causing my facial edema)

  3. Adding foods that increase nutrients you need the most, while also boosting your microbiome (did you know that your immunity, your moods and your weight are all tied to those bugs?)

  4. Talking to your doctor or finding you a healthcare provider who can offer necessary treatment (I provide education and meal plans that can turn your life around, but a good doc is our best ally)

  5. Helping you set goals and create habits that can bring you the energy to shape your dreams. Good food is just one part of the equation (did you know that your body heals and transforms when you sleep?)

  6. Mixing mindfulness with joyfulness to make seemingly difficult tasks easy and effortless (my time volunteering in the chemo-wards in India brought me much needed clarity on what makes life worth living)


You Should know: 

I'm often asked about my dietary theories. I have none, but focus on a whole-foods diet, full of color & spice. The first personalized diet plan I created, circa 2007, was on the lines of today's "paleo-diet". That said, I specialize in vegetarian and plant-based menus for those who choose to follow that path. Come as you are.


Ready to check it out for yourself?

Or if you want to find out if you are ready (sometimes we just don’t know until we try), I offer you a free-no-obligation-session to check out firsthand if nutrition and habit coaching is right for you. And remember this:

Transformation is not a future event; it is a present activity
— Jillian Michaels

Education + Certificates

  • Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine

  • Board Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS)

  • Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science

  • Institute of Functional Medicine(IFM): Cardiometabolic Advanced Practice Module

  • Harvard University(via EDX): Unlocking the Immunity to Change

  • Apex: Fundamentals of Functional Blood Chemistry

  • Biogenetix: New Paradigm of Insulin Resistance

My Work

  1. Course Facilitator/ Teaching Staff at University of Western States, OR
    I work with instructors on course materials, moderating online discussions, and grading student work. 
    Subjects: Gastrointestinal Imbalances, Nutritional Biochemistry, Evidence Based Nutrition, Whole Foods and Supplementation, Meal Planning, Hormones and Neurotransmitters, Cardiovascular Disease and Metabolic Imbalances, Biotransformation and Detoxification

  2. Research Assistant
    I work with leading IFM practitioners on various nutritional research topics. Most recently I worked on case studies and data analysis for IFM’s Detox Food Plan.

Training + Self-study 

Sudarshan Kriya (Art of Living Foundation, US)

Optimal EFT (Gary Craig)

Emotional Freedom Technique (Dawson Church

Personal and Spiritual mentor (Nithya Shanthi)

Siddha Samadhi Yoga, India